Happy Norway-day!

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Yesterday we travelled to Busan in the south of Korea to celebrated the 17th of May with over 500 Norwegians who live, work and/or study in the country. Cue flags, traditional costumes, singing, marching bands and Norwegian food (waffles!). This is my second time to Busan, and the first that involved summer and warm weather, […]

City guide: Seoul


7 months have flown by, and I am still not completely used to the fact that I actually live in this great city. But 7 months have meant a lot of excursions, treasure hunts, blog reading and instagram stalking, and I am at least confident that I am learning to understand how Seoul works. And for […]

An introduction to K-Pop


When you move to Korea, you will inevitably be asked the question: “Did you move to Korea because of K-pop/K-drama?” At least if you’re a girl. And for a staggering number of international students (especially those that come from somewhere not-Europe) this is the case. Not so for me, although I will own up to the […]

On midterms and Avengers


Hello world, long time, no speak. Since last time I was on here, midterms happened. That dreadful week created by university administrators and professors to torment students with trauma and lack of sleep for two weeks straight before telling you that it’s not really going to count all that much towards your final grade, leaving […]

A snapchat story


Back when I started blogging, before blogs were really a thing and I had my first website on Geocities, my posts were mostly just filler text for a site that I used to build and explore my coding-abilities. I would change my layout 2 or 3 times a week, design intricate headers in photoshop and add […]

Living on 23 squaremeter


You might not know this about me, but having lived under the influence of an architect (my mum) for most of my life, I have a fondness for playing with interior decoration. My very selective OCD of needing to have everything aligned perfectly according to a strange inner logic, and choosing color schemes for even the most […]

Enter title here 2.0


Delicious brunch at Wood & Brick in Jae-dong I’ve spent the weekend in a semi-comatose state, drifting in and out of sleep. The awake part was spent complaining to friends and family about my head hurting (I’m really charming when I’m sick or hurt), and redesigning the blog. It has become somewhat of a ritual […]

Isn’t it ironic


After three weeks of travel, homework, visits and life in general I was finally scheduled for one full day of absolutely no plans. I was finally going to open the windows, let it some fresh air, put on some music and do some spring cleaning. Yesterday started out nice, with some The Doors on the […]

Cherry blossoms in Yeouido Park

cherry blossoms yeouido island seoul south korea

Happy birthday to me! This Saturday I celebrated my 26th year on this earth, with cake decorating, tequila and loads of new and some old friends at a bar in the neighborhood. This was followed by a resolution to never drink alcohol ever again (ever!) and a very-very-very heavy Sunday filled with too much moving around and too little […]

A quick guide to the Arab Quarter & Little India


Puh… A long, intense and jet-lagged week has finally come to an end and I have just finished a big bowl of ice cream as a reward for surviving the tsunami of work that hits you when you’ve been gone a week. Tomorrow is my birthday, and this past week I feel like I’ve aged enough to not […]