Shanghai: A quick guide


In 4 days I’m off to a yet another city I’ve never seen before, and while searching Instagram, Pinterest and blogs for tips on hidden gems in Edinburgh, I decided to collect my thoughts from my trip to Shanghai in a guide for later trips or your use. While I was only in the city for four […]

Ready, set, knit weather on the horizon


Yesterday we woke up to a 15 degree drop in temperature here in Seoul. From the 27°C to a cool 12°C when I was walking home from class. Fall has officially arrived, which is probably about time considering we’ve entered October and the shops are already selling Christmas decorations (too soon!). Fall means the return of all […]

Shanghai in photos


26 degrees, a sunny disposition from the weather gods and less humidity than expected meant that Shanghai was on its best behavior this weekend. A city mixing a well-established expat environment with a more Chinese vibe than what I’ve experienced in Hong Kong is a city I can like! The dumplings and pork buns were delicious, the wine was […]

Update from Shanghai

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I’ve survived 9 hours without Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, and I’m already painfully aware of my addiction to all three. It’s kind of embarrassing. I have however spent the time socializing, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Shanghai will apparently work as a kind of rehab for my social media addiction, possibly even leading […]

Park life and puppies


This weekend we decided to spend a lazy Saturday in the “new” Hongdae Park (exit 3 by Hongik University Station). Pierre made us all lunch, topped off with sausages flown in from France, and it almost felt like living in Europe again. Park life is underrated! Seeing as Koreans are not fans of sitting still […]

Planning for fall


  It’s raining cats and dogs and a couple of oceans of water outside today, but luckily I have no plans of leaving my bed to venture out into the flood and so I’m happily snuggled up inside watching Korean dramas (guilty pleasure!). The temperature has been hot and humid the last seven days, so […]

In the Gardens by the Bay


After a week back, I’m still jet-lagged. Fall semester starts tomorrow at 9AM sharp, but instead of forcing myself to sleep, I found myself going through photos from my trip to Singapore back in March. Specifically the photos from the Gardens by the Bay. The 101 hectares large park, located by the waterfront, is simply an amazing […]

Amsterdam in more or possibly less than 1000 words


A picture can tell more than a thousand words. Here’s 54 from our latest transit tour of Amsterdam. I’m not sure if they cover 1000 words, but I know they cover thousands of seconds of a very long day rolling through the streets of the canal city on rented and dented bikes. The dutch capital has […]

Amsterdam in transit


After a long summer of mostly work and little free time I am finally back in East Asia and Seoul, by way of Amsterdam. Had a long transit in the Netherlands on my way here, and so I finally got the chance to actually visit the city whose airport I have visited far more than […]

Cosplaying in Kristiansand


My work takes me to the nicest, weirdest and coolest places, and also introduces me to the nicest, weirdest and coolest people that I would otherwise not have met. Earlier this summer my colleague and I ventured outside of our dark, college newspaper-looking office space to meet up with three local cosplayers. We spent an hour […]