Sunny days in the city


Spring lasted for roughly two weeks, and the summer arrived in Seoul. I’ve spent the weekend working on final papers, but last week and the week before that roaming the streets in between lectures and work, enjoying the sun and warm temperatures. On my trips I’ve found and almost become a regular at two four […]

Gratulerer med dagen, Norge!


Picture from 17th of May celebration in 2012 For the first time in my life, the 17th of May did not start with a huge breakfast, followed by watching and/or participating in a parade while waving a Norwegian flag and singing the national anthem, and then spending the rest of the day drinking something bubbly, […]

My favorite desserts in Seoul


From poop-shaped bread to cakes served in flower pots, Seoul is heaven for Instagram-friendly sweets. In my family we usually say that a person has two stomachs: one regular one, and one dessert stomach. The dessert stomach is getting its fill in this city, with an ice cream parlor, a donut shop and a bingsu […]

Taipei, Taiwan


Taipei, the coziest metropolitan in Asia. With a population of roughly 7 million (metropolitan area), it’s hardly a small city, but walking around in the streets of Taipei there’s little of what I’ve come to expect from Asian capitals. Taipei 101 stands out like a lighthouse, not only because it’s 101 floor tall, but also because […]