Snow day

Norway was hit by a storm this weekend, and the aftereffects are still roaming the mountainsides. Naturally, we decided a storm was the best kind of weather for a trip to our cabin in the mountains. Add snow to the heavy wind brought on by “Tor“, and you’ve got the perfect weather for some quality […]

Seoul: 5 neighborhoods, 6 coffee shops


Coffee for me, like with a lot of people, is just as vital as water. But not only is coffee an important part of my life, coffee shops and cafés are a matter of life and death (well, almost..) in both my work and grad school routine. Thus, one of the first things I do when […]

So much time & so little to do


While other people have already been back in their lecture halls and library spots cramming for a new semester for a while now, I’ve still got over a month left until I have to turn up to a lecture. In Korea, winter break lasts from mid-December to the beginning of March, and our summer vacation […]

Tokyo: A quick guide


As you might recall, I spent some nice days in Tokyo back in November. I came back with a book full of notes, pockets full of receipts, an a memory card packed to the brim with photos. So I though I’d share some of my favorites from the trip, in case you’re planning one on […]