Last night in Korea


Summer vacation is finally here, and I’ve had my last Korean BBQ of the semester. My apartment is empty, and my entire life has once again been stuffed into two suitcases and checked in. Destination? Norway. On my schedule for the next week: Sleep, recharge the batteries, go hiking and enjoy the south before I […]

Kamusta ka na?


Two papers and one exam down, two papers and one exam to go, and then finally (FINALLY!) summer break will be here. I kind of started the vacation early with that short trip to Boracay for a beautiful beach wedding, but it’s going to be really nice to have one that doesn’t involve studying and […]

Vows on a beach in Boracay


This past week I took a break from the exam reading and paper writing to hop on a plane to the Philippines to celebrate love and the rights to change surname, to inheritance of property, to sponsor husband/wife for immigration benefits, joint adoption and foster care, joint tax filing and a number of other things that are connected […]

Sunny days in the city


Spring lasted for roughly two weeks, and the summer arrived in Seoul. I’ve spent the weekend working on final papers, but last week and the week before that roaming the streets in between lectures and work, enjoying the sun and warm temperatures. On my trips I’ve found and almost become a regular at two four […]

My favorite desserts in Seoul


From poop-shaped bread to cakes served in flower pots, Seoul is heaven for Instagram-friendly sweets. In my family we usually say that a person has two stomachs: one regular one, and one dessert stomach. The dessert stomach is getting its fill in this city, with an ice cream parlor, a donut shop and a bingsu […]