Went digging through my archives again and found this video I put together from the first event we hosted as ANSA USA back in October. Over 80 Norwegian students from all over the US flew in to Seattle to take part in a career fair and meet, hosted by yours truly and my 3 amazing colleagues. The event had so many hiccups (as it should, it was the first time we’d hosted anything together and none of us lived in Seattle), yet it was one of my best weekends in 2013. I wish I could do it all again!

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Downbeat Diner is a hidden gem in the Downtown area of Honolulu. Downtown (or at least Chinatown) in general is a hidden gem, filthy and full of homeless people at first glance, but if you look past that you discover a thriving city life that reminds me of Williamsburg, or Ballard, or a gritty version of Grünerløkka, or whichever grungy, hipster-like neighborhood you can think of that hosts a wide variety of independent shops and hang-out spots. Hawaii Pacific University’s downtown campus lies at the border between the business district and Chinatown, so naturally I spend way too much of my time (and money) in that area.

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Last night we got to see a lunar eclipse here in Hawaii. The moon disappeared in Earth’s shadow and became a beautiful, but eery shade of orange and red.  These photos don’t do it justice, but NASA has some really nice photos on their websites. Such a beautiful sight!

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I’m feeling nostalgic, so I dug up this video I made from last year’s Hove-festival. The image quality has deteriorated for some reason, but the video still makes me long for a real festival summer again. #thefeels

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To take concert photos is one of the things I love the most in this world. Trying to capture the artists on stage, capture their essence and conveying it through a single glimpse in time, is a really arduous task. But the results, if successful, are often quite amazing.

This Monday, famous rock photographer Bob Gruen is visiting HPU to premiere the documentary of his life. Through-out his career he’s captured the likes of Led Zeppelin, John Lennon, The Rolling Stones and David Bowie, so to meet this man in person will be nothing short of inspiring.

Last summer I covered no less than 4 festivals, and several different concerts, and these are some of the photos that came out of that work. Hopefully, after meeting with Bob Gruen, the photos I shoot at my next music gig will be even more inspired.

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Today I am 25.

A milestone, I’ve been told. I’m going to celebrate it with night class, two bags of Doritos and a couple of episodes of Leverage. Perfect Friday!

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Before I moved to Hawaii I honestly thought that the only places you could find crêperies where in France, mostly on street corner or in Alpine villages. A warm crêpe with Nutella has stifled my hunger more than once after a long day in the slopes. But apparently, you can find crêpe everywhere, especially in Hawaii. Here are my two favorite places to find delicious savory and sweet crêpes on Oahu.

Le Crêpe Café – This is my lunch spot at school, a place I visit so frequently that I am on first-name basis with just about every person who works there. For some reason I still have a hard time deciding what to eat just about every time I stop by because it’s all delicious. If you are looking for a healthy, savory lunch crêpe I will recommend L’Italien and Tsunami, they both taste great. For more sweet, desert-like crêpe, Honey Lovers is a favorite, and Chunky Monkey always works its magic whenever I want something really over-the-top (nutella, peanut butter and banana).

The paninis and salads are pretty good too.

1160 Fort Street Mall, Downtown

Crêpes No Ka Oi - In Kailua and looking for breakfast/brunch? Stop by Crêpes No Kai Oi. Cute shop filled with Japanese tourists that serve you your crêpe in no time at all. I have only been there once, but the Temptation in Paradise (crêpe with cinnamon apples and brown sugar) was deilicious! They also serve really great coffee.

131 Hekili St, Kailua

Do you like crêpe, or do you prefer Norwegian/American pancackes?

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On Saturday morning in Hong Kong, we took the bus to Stanley and spent the day at the pier eating delicious snacks that we bought at a supermarket nearby. Cheeses, plums, sausage, chips and beer helped heal the damages of friday night’s fun in the streets of Lan Kwai Fong. Stanley is a very beautiful part of Hong Kong island, and absolutely worth the trip!

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After standing in line for the new H&M store on Kalakaua (finally! Now can we get Zara to Hawaii, please?) for 3 hours, we drove out to Alan Davis Beach on the south-east shore to jump from the pole and test my new Outex. What is Outex you ask? A relatively cheap way of bringing your DSLR into the water to document every part of life in Hawaii. I have tested it twice, and I’m pretty sure I’m in love. Also pretty sure I should have bought it a year ago!

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Yesterday we rented kayaks and paddled out to Mokulua island outside of Lanikai in Kailua. This has been on my to do-list for a while, usually involving bringing a grill and food, and spending the day on the islands, but the weather conditions (and the fact that we didn’t start paddling out until 2PM) made it into a good work-out and test run for next time!

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