coco what?

Started the day with a beer and Simon Rasmussen’s eccentric show at Carlsberg, inspired by prostitutes and hobos. While the two first models poured milk all over themselves and showed off some pretty nasty dance moves (they were good btw!), I did not find it as provoking as it was probably meant to be, but I nevertheless enjoyed the show. Felt nice to have a break from the serious and clean that we’ve seen a lot during this fashion week.

Jumped into the press bus and was transported to the City Hall to see the designer we all love, Veronica B Vallenes and met Celine (love her bracelet). This is btw what Maria has been busy doing a lot the last few days, posing for the camera. No wonder with the clothes she wears (of which most is self-made. Raise your hands everyone who wants her to start her own clothing line right now).

Also met Line – who looked smashing with her hat. Took some pictures at Veronica’s show, but I am not even going to pretend that they were any good (they were crap), so go see them here. Liked her collection a lot, but was disappointed by the fact that she didn’t really bring anything new to the table. You could take anything from this seasons collection and place it in last season’s, and although I would wear just about every piece of the collection, I had wished for something new in forms of the color palette or seams.

The day continued with an all Norwegian show consisting of Iis of Norway, TSH, Undorn and Moods of Norway. Loved this top from TSH and the new shoes from Moods of Norway (will get back to you on a picture of those, because they were really cool and something I would love for my guys to wear), but other than that it was unfortunately pretty mediocre compared to everything else I have seen during this fashion week.

Paraded around with my new bag from 5preview (don’t you love it just a little? I certainly do) outside the Minimarket show, another show I enjoyed very much but which gave me pictures that were pretty much not in any condition to see the light of day. So once again, to see pictures of the gorgeous Sahara/nomad-inspired collection, go here.

Last show of the evening was a magical, mystical and weird show on top of a bridge over a lake in a some park (I admit I didn’t have a clue where we were, had a private chauffeur to the show and took a cab back), put together by the well-known brand Henrik Vibskov. The colors, patterns, fabrics and seams were in traditional Vibskov-style and I concluded with the fact that I would gladly include a lot of the garments in my wardrobe, including some of the very handsome male models.

And then it was party time !

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