Day 2: Hanalei Bay


Sometimes all you need is sun, a sandy beach on an island in the pacific and a coconut. Not too much to ask for I reckon. Drinking coconut water-milk out of a coconut has been on my bucket-list for Hawai’i since I moved here, but I obviously had to travel to another island to get it done. Nothing like being a tourist when it comes to getting things done.

hanalei2 hanalei9 hanalei8

I can recommend ice-cold coconuts. They are delicious.

4 thoughts on “Day 2: Hanalei Bay

  • love the pictures and i also love coconut water! dude, this is absolutely the best medicament for hangover, its poor in calories, highlz hidrating and yummy! almost an elf drink if u take it to tolkien´s world… and well. coke more like an orc drink or sth. don´t take me wrong, i love coke.. but coconut water is from heaven! love the pictures. you make us all want to go to hawaii! it is easy to understand why you havent had the time to take outfit pictures: you´re busy doing more interesting things!

  • Ilse: thank you !
    Joy: merci beaucoup.
    Paula: Coconut water is so underrated. And yes, those outfit pictures: I’ll get better, I promise ! :)

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