Sunset at Ke’e Beach


Have I mentioned that large parts of Jurassic Park, Fantasy Island (!), Lord of the Flies, King Kong, Hook, George of the Jungle (!), Lost and Soul Surfer was filmed on location in Kaua’i (and Oahu). As we’re driving around Kaua’i, I’m starting to recognize places from the movies of my childhood and it feels really strange.

In other news and fun facts, the sunsets in Kaua’i are just as beautiful as on Oahu. However, they do have some mosquitos here that we’ve been blissfully avoiding in Honolulu, and I can’t say I’m a fan of those. Well, no pain no gain, and so on.

kauai1 hanalei hanalei3 hanalei4 hanalei6 hanalei7

Have a nice weekend !

5 thoughts on “Sunset at Ke’e Beach

  • love these pictures! the hardest part of living in hawaii might be the fact that you stop appreciating other beaches… or brazilian beaches seem boring… love these last pictures!
    the pictures make me jealous and make me want to visit hawaii asap. have a great tuesday!

  • Yasmin: bare å fortsette, jeg blir like glad hver gang. :)

    Paula: I know what you mean, and I’ve seen some of what is considered the most beautiful beaches in the world (Bora Bora, Maldives, etc). You get spoiled rotten here, Norway will be nothing in comparison unless I make myself see the beauty of it.

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