This is where I live – 3.0


Since I last gave you an actual update on my living situation, I was sharing rooms with Malin. This semester she moved to the room next door as our other roommate was sent off on deployment for 6 months (he’s in the navy). Which means that I finally have a room for myself again. Sharing rooms for a year was a new experience, but now that I have checked that off my list I love having a space just for me again.

Adopted the board from Malin and it will probably be filled with photos and memories in not too long. The paper straws makes every drink look a thousand times better. And they’re eco-friendly! *eco-highfive*


Super-cheap but fairly awesome headphones from Forever21 (yes). These were bought on impulse, but turned out to be a really good investment.


One of the many reasons why I love our apartment is the fact that it has floor-to-ceiling windows. I wake up with the view of the Ko’olau mountain ridge, and go to sleep watching the city lights.


No apartment is complete without a large mirror standing propped up against the wall. My shoes took up too much space in the shoe closet out in the hall, so I had to put some of them in my room. Oh well.


My work station. When I am not sprawled on the bed working. Which is most of the time.


Love-love-love my porcelain terrier that I use to collect coins. Cute!


Moi c’est.

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