After almost 4 weeks in Seoul, I’ve inevitably discovered the most Western part of the city. Itaewon (이태원) is the neighborhood in Seoul that embodies – both in soul and in actual ethnicity – foreign culture. If you’re craving a really delicious American burger, real Mexican food or Italian pizza, Itaewon is the place to go. The neighborhood has also got plenty of caucasians around, the US is heavily represented both in the shape of military personnel, and ESL teachers.

We spent a quiet and sunny Friday afternoon walking around in an area of Itaewon that specializes in antique furniture, and other vintage and second-hand stuff.

In other news I now know: the Korean alphabet, how to greet someone (formally and informally), how to give and ask about a person’s name, age, nationality and so on, almost 200 different words (including 커피, 책, 우산 and 모자) and most importantly: How to order chicken and beer at a restaurant. After 6 days of Korean classes. The learning curve here is steep!

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  • It looks amazing! I would have never thought that a place like Seoul would attract me as a traveller but I have to re-think that. It looks stunning from what you’re sharing x

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