Who let the dogs out?


Yesterday it was finally time to cross “visit dog café” of my Seoul to do-list. My only problem now is that I might have to put it up on my weekly to do-list instead, because I can’t not visit these puppies ever again. Two hours of tea and dogs was enough to temporarily soothe my dog abstinence from Embla (the family dog who died last year), but now it’s back in full force, and all I want is to adopt one of them. Or all of them.

My BFF was a miniature poodle puppy who spent 30 minutes sitting next to me before she dared hop up on my lap. While most of the other dogs ran around and circulated among the guests at the café, she stayed by my side until I had to leave, leaving me heartbroken. I’ll be back for you, puppy who’s name I don’t know!

Apologies for the iPhone-photos, I forgot to bring my DSLR. But as Chase Jarvis says: “The best camera is the one you have with you.”


My puppy BFF sleeping in my lap, while her mom came by to say hi.


The madness that follows when you put a bunch of dogs together in one room and add a couple of visiting dogs to the mix.


This guy was the first to say hello when we arrived …


… and he was no stranger to a selfie, being Korean and all.


Puppy is asleep, while mum’s watching for approaching dogs (she was a bit of an overprotective ahjumma).


Next up: a visit to one of Seoul’s cat cafés. And then back to the dog café!

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