Seoul in pictures: Pikachu, palaces and pretty coffee shops



Good morning, Internet! I am currently packing, listening to Christmas music and getting ready for a short trip to Norway to work and then spend a couple of days with my family before returning to Seoul and school. The language institute at SNU doesn’t do Christmas holidays however, so I am skipping some classes in the process.

While I am getting ready for snow, Christmas parties, budget meetings and mulled wine, I wanted to share a bunch of photos from different adventures around Seoul, to show you some of the fun that this city has to offer. One memorable event involved the Pokemon Championship Day at Dongdaemun Design Plaza, after a Korean player won the official championship earlier this year in Washington DC. 5 Pikachus were scheduled to perform (and dance), but it had to be cancelled about half way through because the crowd was too big. I got a photo with Pikachu though, so I was happy (Best. Day. Ever).

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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