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I’m currently seated at a table at one of my new Hong Kong-favorites: Coffee Academics in Wan Chai. My plane for Seoul leaves in 4 hours, and I’m savoring the last few moments in this city (and a delicious breakfast). Hong Kong has been a blast, with days that blended into nights, minimal amounts of sleep, loads of great food and new friends.

Tomorrow it’s time to get back to school and the real world, and I can’t wait (even though I need a week worth of sleep right about now). This trip has been a parade of highlights, except for our trip to a foggy Victoria Peak, and one of them were an hour spent walking through the stands in Flower Market Road. The only negative thing about it was that I couldn’t buy all of the beautiful flowers and bring them back to Seoul with me. So instead I ignored the “no photography”-sign (rebel!) and photographed as many of them as possible.

Flower Market Road is located two blocks west from Prince Edward Station, and it is heaven for flower children and their kin. If you ever find yourself in Hong Kong, make sure to make some time to visit this market!

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