Hello from Singapore


A short, but excited hello from Singapore. The country is humid, incredibly boiling hot and beautiful. I’ve spent the past two days roaming every part of the island, from the east to the west (where I live). I’ve taken a million photos in Arab Street, tried on Indian dresses (they wouldn’t allow us to try on a sari, so we had to compromise) in Little India, had several coups of kopi, sweated a lot, not gotten sunburnt (yet), and eaten loads of delicious food as always. And I regret not buying that blue dress. Does anyone know what it’s called?

Right now I’m getting ready to explore the Garden by the Bay to see the famous Super Trees and the Cloud Forest, and then later it’s time for some work, followed by an overnight flight back to Incheon and then onwards to Oslo. Any last minute tips for Singapore? Shout out!