In the Gardens by the Bay


After a week back, I’m still jet-lagged. Fall semester starts tomorrow at 9AM sharp, but instead of forcing myself to sleep, I found myself going through photos from my trip to Singapore back in March. Specifically the photos from the Gardens by the Bay. The 101 hectares large park, located by the waterfront, is simply an amazing collection of plants and structures well worth a visit (or four). And a couple of photos too. I think I took around 300 when I visited.

The park consist of the 25 to 50 meter tall Supertrees (my favorite part), the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest. The latter is perfect when Singapore’s signature humidity takes a turn for the worse and you need to cool off. It is a lush haven of plants and waterfalls, and there’s a definite possibility that you never want to leave once you’ve escaped inside. Come to think of it, with the 29 degrees we’ve got in Seoul these days, we could use one of those here too.

The Flower Dome has flowers and plants from every climate imaginable, and also creates themed flower exhibitions. When I visited the theme of the month was Fairytales, and the dome was filled with creatures and memorabilia from famous children’s stories and rhymes. Oh, and dragons. Made out of wood, but still!

I hope I get the chance to visit again soon. I only had two hours to spend in the park, and I quickly realized that I wanted so much more than that!

On another note entirely, I’m going to Shanghai in two weeks and I really want tips on places to visit, food to eat and cozy/cool/hipster coffee shops to read in. Any recommendations?

Singapore-150324-Gardens-by-the-bay-126Singapore-150324-139Singapore-150324-Gardens-by-the-bay-122Singapore-150324-132 Singapore-150324-133

What happens when you ask someone to take photo with your camera. Definite proof that it takes more to be a good photographer than just a good camera.


The Cloud Forest:

Singapore-150324-145Singapore-150324-157 Singapore-150324-149 Singapore-150324-153Singapore-150324-158Singapore-150324-162 Singapore-150324-156Singapore-150324-163

The Flower Dome:

Singapore-150324-164 Singapore-150324-165Singapore-150324-178 Singapore-150324-168Singapore-150324-181 Singapore-150324-175 Singapore-150324-177Singapore-Gardens-by-the-bay

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