Shanghai in photos


26 degrees, a sunny disposition from the weather gods and less humidity than expected meant that Shanghai was on its best behavior this weekend. A city mixing a well-established expat environment with a more Chinese vibe than what I’ve experienced in Hong Kong is a city I can like! The dumplings and pork buns were delicious, the wine was both cheap and good (unlike in Seoul, were it’s usually neither), and the rooftop terraces were something I wish we had more of everywhere. The world needs more rooftop terraces!

I’ve been walking the streets of French Concession, especially Xintiandi and Tian Zi Fang, the gardens of Yuyuan, and along the promenade of the Bund. Watching people, eating street food and taking photos. Here are some of them. I hope you enjoy them, while I bury my face in a bowl of hot ramen back home in Seoul.

Shanghai, I’ll be seeing you again. Save some xiaolongbao for me!

Shanghai-150919-2 Shanghai-150919-4 Shanghai-150919-5 Shanghai-150919-6 Shanghai-150919-8Shanghai-150920-3Shanghai-150919-13 Shanghai-150919-15 Shanghai-150919-16Shanghai-150920-9Shanghai-150920-47 Shanghai-150919-17 Shanghai-150919-20 Shanghai-150919 Shanghai-150920-2 Shanghai-150920-6 Shanghai-150920-8  Shanghai-150920-12 Shanghai-150920-14 Shanghai-150920-16 Shanghai-150920-17 Shanghai-150920-22Shanghai-150920-10 Shanghai-150920-23 Shanghai-150920-25 Shanghai-150920-26 Shanghai-150920-29 Shanghai-150920-30Shanghai-150919-12Shanghai-150919-9Shanghai-150920-36 Shanghai-150920-37 Shanghai-150920-43

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