Kimchi jjigae & Jessica Jones


Good evening. Hope you’ve all been well, silent readers. Here in Seoul it is still exam season, although we’re getting closer to the end with every minute that passes. I’ve excelled at procrastination as usual, spending an alarming amount of my time at the library watching hilarious Youtube-videos and planning what kind of books I will read once Christmas break is finally here. But somehow I have still managed to turn in papers on time so far. Here’s to hoping it will continue this way until Wednesday. Since procrastination usually means a blog update, I’ve put together a short list of things that I like right now and that you should like too. Because, why not?

Listening toCL – Hello Bitches. The best beat when I need to wake up at the library.
Watching: Marvel’s Jessica Jones. God, I love this show. Badass “superhero” who gets stumbling drunk, curses too much, and runs a shady P.I.-service out of Hell’s Kitchen. Think Super!Veronica Mars on the wild side. Also stars David Tennant as the best “human” Marvel villain since Loki.
Reading: Modern Korean history. 4 days until Christmas break!
Eating: As much kimchi jjigae as I can to fight the exam flu.
Drinking: 3 liters of coffee per day. Will probably have permanent shivers until New Year’s.
Googling: Hikes for my next trip to Hong Kong. Tips are more than welcome!
Craving: Christmas porridge and wine. Not necessarily together.
Looking forward to: Reading books that are not on my syllabus.

Have any great books to recommend for my Christmas reading list?