Sunny days in the city


Spring lasted for roughly two weeks, and the summer arrived in Seoul. I’ve spent the weekend working on final papers, but last week and the week before that roaming the streets in between lectures and work, enjoying the sun and warm temperatures. On my trips I’ve found and almost become a regular at two four many new places. Cafés, ice cream stands, restaurants, shops. This city has a new place opening up every other day, and a new hipster cafe serving all my avocado desires (some vegetables are impossible to find and too darn expensive in this country) around every corner.

But the next five days I have to forgo avocados and sunshine, and hang out at the library instead. Luckily, at the end of those five days awaits a plane ticket to the Philippines! #excited In the meantime, here are some photos from the last couple of weeks.

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9 thoughts on “Sunny days in the city

  • what is this ‘banana tree’ in a flower pot? looks like a little flower but given the fact it’s Korea and all things edible look somewhat different to what we’re used to in Europe (or probably anywhere around the world), it’s gotta be something to eat :)

    • Banana Tree is a cafe that sells pudding in flower pots, so yes edible! It tastes fairly OK, but I go there mostly for the gimmick (also the coffee is good). ;)

  • Hei!
    På hvilken universitet studerer du? Og er det et universitet du anbefaler?
    Jeg har veldig lyst til å studere i Seoul etter videregående skole!

    • Hei Nora! Jeg studerer på GSIS (Graduate School of International Studies) ved Yonsei University. Jeg er stort sett fornøyd med studiene så langt, så hvis det er internasjonale relasjoner du har lyst til å studere kan jeg anbefale skolen. Hva vil du studere, og vil du studere på engelsk eller koreansk? :)

      • Jeg tenker å studere asiatisk historie. Og da blir det på engelsk, siden jeg ikke kommer til å kunne nok koreansk før jeg skal studere. :)

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