Melting pot

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New meets old. Western culture vs Arab culture. Topshop and turkish coffee. Starbucks and the Old Market. Spices. Silver jewelery. Hijabs. Mini skirts. Alcohol = not allowed. Drunk rich kids. Kebab. Smoking. Cats. Tourists. Asia. Turkish Delights. Fake Burberry. Sun. Architectural wonders.

I’m back from Istanbul.

8 thoughts on “Melting pot

  • Man it’s really a shame about not being able to wear what you want there, I was feeling the same. And imagine the heat during july/august and me only wearing trousers. In some more mondern areas girls wear what they want but since I always take the public transportation there and not a taxi it was still an issue. I even once got insulted in front of a mosque when I was leaving our apartment to go to a fashion show. Idiots! :)

    Your pictures look lovely, I’m curious to hear more about it!! (and still, i’m puzzled, why was my comment not posted..)


  • Nesli: too many links. It ended up in my spam folder for some reason. :-/ i’ll save it for next time (need to go back). I was googled at even in the more modern parts, but then again I’m a white chick with blue eyes.. Haha.

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE! You captured Turkey beautifully! I especially like your outfit. It’s so perfect for Turkey because you look like you’re going on an archaeological excavation or something haha.

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