Le Marais & Mona Lisa


Today started with a petit déjeuner (croissant + espresso + orange juice) nearby Le Centre Pompidou, before taking a short trip by American Apparel. Ran into Maja in Marais, which was very random, but a very pleasant surprise. The day also involved going on the obligatory trip to Louvre to visit Mona Lisa (even though I’ve seen her before), as well as checking out the vintage heaven called Come On Eline (which should be obligatory).

Paris is treating me wonderfully, and even though the weather channels told us it would be raining all day, the sun was shining most of the time, with the occasional rain shower to bring some action into the mix.

On a last note I would like to congratulate Oslo Nights with their brand new site.

I hate that I missed the big party, but then again, you can’t always do everything.

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