From Rome to Saracena

I’ve arrived in Rome, left Rome, arrived in Saracena, left Saracena and right now we are located in Peschici on the east coast of Italy. The weather treats me wonderfully, so wonderfully in fact that I am planning to spend the rest of the evening inside, afraid that I might get sunburned by the evening sun. Short summary of the last few days goes something like this:

We’ve been spending a lot of time driving through the country side in Italy by bus.

I successfully finished one of my essays on the bus on Thursday, while Sofie sat next to me reading some youth novel that seemed so much more tempting.

While the kids were doing homework, my dad and Egil is doing the whole “shirt+ray ban”-style while chillin’.

After seven or eight hours spent on a bus we arrived in the sleepy mountain village Saracena. And I officially panicked when I realized that there were no internet connection available  in the village. How on earth would I survive?

I didn’t. I began taking hundreds of crappy self-timer pictures of myself.

.. and my shoes, before I finally surrendered and started working on my next essay.

We were welcomed by the residents of the town, including the mayor, and was treated to a great dinner at the town square with speeches from the mayor and others.

The next day we got some exercise done, hiking to the nearest top and feeling awfully proud of ourselves. We are travelling with a bunch of old people, which can work wonders for your self-confidence when it comes to hiking. These are old people that run orienteering, so naturally they are a lot more trained than your average old person, but you can still beat them when it comes to speed (well, most of them).

We met a cow.

And a cat. Wild life rocks.

Then we got down to business and ran orienteering, which is what we are here to do.

As well as spreading the word about the World’s Greatest Orienteering Club: Kristiansand OK.

Another five or six hours of bus yesterday took us from Serecena to Peschici not far from Foggia in the southern parts of Italy.

And now finally I am back online! Thank God.

BTW, what do you think of the new design? I am not sure if I like it or not.


7 thoughts on “From Rome to Saracena

  • Hei!

    Det så ut som en deilig tur!
    Jeg beklager, men jeg likte det forrige designet ditt, såååå mye bedre..!

    Likte best det der du ikke hadde meny på siden, men kun header med enkle valg rett under. Det var ekstremt bra, og jeg pleide å ha designen din i inspirasjonsmappen og bruke den som eksempel på bra nettsidedesign. Alle jeg viste den til nikket bekreftende på hode og samtykket! Som sagt, beklager men nå ligger den ikke i den mappen min lenger :(

    Menmen, det er jo ikke sikkert jeg har rett! Det var bare det at jeg var så veeelig spesielt begeistret for den forige deisgnen. Så generelt på webben.:)

  • I love the new design and the pictures are lovely! It must feel great spending some days in that village without any distraction but your own imagination…
    have a nice trip!

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