Le Grand Palais


The cocktail party and LG launch party at Le Grand Palais on Thursday was quite an event. Red carpet event with 1.300 attending, among them the famous French actress and former Bond-girl Sophie Marceau (who looked stunning) and film director Claude Lelouch. Me and Maja practiced people-watching for a good hour while eating hors d’oeuvres and drinking champagne/gin tonic, and drooled over the Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga and Hermés bags in attendance. One day when I get rich and .. rich, I will devote an entire room in my palace to all the beautiful bags of this world.

We were also entertained by samba dancers (and capoeira guys that killed it on stage. Too bad I didn’t film it, because they were quite awesome), before entering the screening of the 3D animated movie Rio. The movie was actually quite funny, and the 3D elements were very good. Got to try out the different 3D glasses as well during the film, and the corny geek-glasses from the 90s that the old lady is sporting further down on the page were excellent, while the yellow ones I am posing with were OK. So I know which glasses I am going to bring the next time I am watching a 3D film. Even though they make me look like I am a left-over from the cast of the Matrix or Swordfish or any other techno-related film from the late 90s (or a TVshop commercial).

And also, we were a part of a new Guinness World Record, for The Largest Private Viewing of a 3D movie Ever (or something like that).  We had fun in other words. And Le Grand Palais is simply gorgeous.

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    • Nadine: har fått låne Canon EOS 600D av Canon + standardobjektiv og 50mm linse, så lever jo i en helt annen verden nå. Liker det. :)

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