Armed with Chocolate Milk and Froot Loops.


Once or twice a month I sort of descend into my own little crypt, most often with a book, and stay in this kind of zombie state of mind for about a day or two just reading. Even my mac is powered off most of the time, and I rarely check my emails, facebook or blog (which is kind of strange, as I am usually your average addict when it comes to all things internet-y). Right now I just resurfaced from a two-day trip into the world of George R. R. Martin’s A Clash of Swords, and I will probably turn back to that world in about 20 minutes. Armed with chocolate milk and cereals I stay put, and while people try to contact me from outside this sphere of mind, this weekend will be one enjoyed in semi-solitude.

Do you experience the same from time to time, or am I just being a regular weirdo?

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