Let it snow


As mentioned earlier, this Christmas holiday was a speedy affair that lasted for less than a week, and involved skipping school and a combined 12 hours on bus to and from our cabin in the mountains (not to mention the plane ride from Korea to Norway). It was all worth it though, as I was gifted a couple of days of peace and calm. And snow. Loads of snow. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve already witnessed some of my ravings about how snow might possibly be my favorite weather phenomenon of all time, and I can only say that an upbringing in Norway combined with 3 years worth of non-snowy “winters” in Hawaii will do this to a person. Seoul has not been very nice in this capacity as of yet, we’ve only seen 3 days of snow since the cold weather started, but I’m still dreaming of a white Christmas winter.

Meanwhile, here are some picture of what winter should really look like, taken at Hovden this Christmas:

hovden-jul-141223-2hovden-jul-141223-5hovden-jul-141223-4hovden-jul-141223-3hovden-jul-141225-3 hovden-jul-141223-7hovden-jul-141223-9 hovden-jul-141223-14 hovden-jul-141223-15 hovden-jul-141223-17 hovden-jul-141223-18 hovden-jul-141223-21 hovden-jul-141223-22 hovden-jul-141223-23hovden-jul-141223-8hovden-jul-141223 hovden-jul-141224hovden-jul-141226-3 hovden-jul-141226-8hovden-jul-141226-9hovden-jul-141226-10