This is the end: 2014


2014 was the year I ended my studies (and time) in Hawaii, got terrified at the thought of moving back to Norway and the real world, which lead to a continuance of my Peter Pan-esque escape by relocating to Korea. 2014 was a year for self-discovery, hard work, luck and loads and loads of traveling.

I now know for sure that I am both 85 and 15 (but mostly 85) trapped in a 25-year-old’s body, that while I love to be social I thrive in my own company, and that I am not made for 5AM-parties anymore. And I’m OK with that. On the last day of the year I stayed in, with pizza, Pepsi and the Internet. I booked airplane tickets for 2015, planned for great adventures and sent texts and messages to the people who matter the most in my life.

In 2014 I got to go skiing in fresh powder in Colorado and explore some of the world’s most beautiful cities including Hong Kong, Chicago, Melbourne, Venice, Århus, Auckland and Riga. I moved from the most isolated landmass on the planet, Hawaii, to the third most populated city in the world, and I ended the year with a confirmation that I will indeed be living here for at least 2 more years.

2015 promises trips to Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan, in addition to a treasure trove of unexpected adventures just waiting to happen. And more importantly, 2015 will bring a new year in Seoul; with new friends (and old), more soju, a limited amount of time spent at norebangs, an unlimited amount of time spent in PC-bangs to master League of Legends, loads of street food, minimal efforts to stay in shape, huge efforts to ace my classes, more samgyeopsal, less Western food and a guaranteed good time.

I hope you’ll all continue to come along for the ride!

Here’s some of my favorite photos from 2014:

The last 5 months in Hawaii, with great friends, beautiful beaches and stunning nature.

alan-davis-13 alan-davis-24 alan-davis-7marita4 marita1 marita2scuba-10 scuba scuba-9artandflea-3artandflea-10tidepool-8hawaii-2SUP-3dillingham-19dillingham-15dillingham-23dillingham-5

A short glimpse of winter in Breckenridge, Colorado:


Selfie in Chicago with the bean (and Trine):


Beautiful architecture and a taste of Asia in Hong Kong:

Hong-Kong-12 Hong-Kong-31 Hong-Kong-44 Hong-Kong-8 Hong-Kong-6

And then finally the day in May when I graduated from HPU with a MA in Communication:

graduation-11 graduation-6 graduation-3

A break at our summer house in Norway.

sogne-5 sogne-3 sogne-2 sogne-4

A day trip to Århus.

aarhus aarhus6 aarhus4 aarhus7

Lazy days in the Italian mountainside and then Venice.

venezia-19 venezia-8 venezia-30

My first trip down-under, to Melbourne, Australia …

IMG_3578 IMG_3543 IMG_3549

… and Auckland, New Zealand.

IMG_3798 IMG_3807Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 12.26.44 IMG_3802

A cold but cozy weekend in Riga, Latvia with ANSA’s Board of Directors.

ansa-riga-44- ansa-riga-52 ansa-riga-11ansa-riga-7 ansa-riga-23

But most importantly, I moved to this beautiful country:

chuncheon-22IMG_5615chuncheon-38mollypops-hongdae4bseoul3 itaewon beginagain 20141008-IMG_4064 20141008-IMG_8623 20141008-IMG_8699 20141009-IMG_4351chuncheon-28 chuncheon-41 dmz-1 dmz-12 fields-of-gold-30 fields-of-gold-33 november-adventures-9seoul-141116-2 november-adventures-24 november-adventures-34 november-adventures-77 november-adventures-96 november seoul-141115-2 pikachu-33 pikachu-16seoul-141116-4 seoul-141116

 Bring it on, 2015!

8 thoughts on “This is the end: 2014

  • Wow I have always read your blog and knew that you travel and do a lot in your life but these pictures open my eyes at how many adventures you have had! You’re so inspiring! x

    • This last year has been kind of insane, in a good way! Thank you for sticking around, Daria!

  • Og GJETT om jeg skal på besøk til deg i 2015, da! :D :D :D Sjekker billetter så og si daglig nå, og gleder meg som en unge til jeg bestiller. Hihihi!

    • Jeg foreslår april/mai eller september/oktober, når temperaturen er perfekt for byferie. Gleder meg! :)

  • What a wonderful year you’ve had! Thanks for sharing and look forward to see what you’ve got in store for 2015!

    Happy New Year!

    • Tusen takk, Marie! Satser på og planlegger at 2015 skal bli like bra. Håper det samme gjelder deg!

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