When in Berlin…

I don’t like New Year’s Eve.

On December 31st, Norway is usually cold, dark and (most often) wet. People are doing their utmost to make the party be as legendary as possible, with the unfortunate result that the party often feels forced rather than fun. This is the same reason I don’t like going out on Saturdays.

Usually, I’ll prefer a party on any other day. I save my love for accidental parties on Tuesdays or Sunday dinner parties that turn into a sing-a-long, dance on the table kind of affair.

That being said, this year I did party on New Year’s. And this New Year’s Eve might have rejuvenated my belief in the whole concept. Imagine that! After 15 years of gradually swearing off the whole thing.

The recipe? 4 really great friends + Berlin. Simple as that.

Sightseeing around Berlin in winter weather that ranged from sunny and cold to snowy and colder. Then a 4-course dinner at Prince in Mitte, followed by an allnighter at The Grand’s Vintage Hollywood-party.

The Grand is an old school building from the 1840s that now features a restaurant and club. For this particular night, it offered three floors of clubbing, casino, burlesque shows, and DJs accompanied by a violinist.

We danced the night away with champagne in our glasses and glitter dresses reflecting the lights, and only danced home as the sun started to rise.

The clue to my New Year’s apprehensions is apparently to have zero expectations, and then go to Berlin. Only time will tell if next year offers a new chance for a party, or if I will go back to my preference for a nice dinner and bed at 00:05.

Happy New Year!