Porto: So much art, so little battery on my phone.

The last weekend of August, friends from across the world gathered to participate in a great wedding party in a vineyard in Portugal’s Duoro Valley. My name was also on the guestlist, and together with three good friends, I flew across the world, from Kampala, via Amsterdam, to Porto. From there we made our way to Duoro for a wedding straight out of Instagram. We celebrated for four days and four nights, with songs, dance, lovely dresses and plenty of Portuguese wine.

And then we returned to Porto where I said goodbye to the rest of my companions and checked into an Airbnb to spend some quality time with me, myself and I.

This idea came about by mistake, as I ordered plane tickets with the wrong return date. A happy mistake as it turns out. To have two and a half days to myself was exactly what the doctor ordered after 8 days of festivities in Amsterdam and Duoro (and a long work summer). I spent my days sleeping late, eating breakfasts of mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes and basil, talking long walks around the city, and reading books at pavement cafes. And I drank wine, plenty of cheap, chilled wine.

I finished two books and took as many photos as my phone battery would allow. Here are some of them: