Ping-Pong Champions

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On the 16th I started the day with make-up and hair styling at Art Complexion, followed by a coffee date at Gabels, before heading down to Freudian Kicks to play ping-pong and hang-out in the sun. Realized that ping-pong is not on the list of my natural talents, but it was fun while it lasted. Joined the representatives from Distortion (wild block party in Copenhagen) on their rave-bus and felt like a russ again for a couple of hours. Confetti, pirate flags and a DJ in the middle of the bus playing dubstep and Infinity 2008. Got home with the revelation that I am not 18 anymore, and that one year as russ was more than enough for me. Give me a glass of wine and some classic rock music any day.

2 thoughts on “Ping-Pong Champions

  • ;-)

    Russetiden min var helt fantastisk. Hadde det så GØY. Men det var den gang. Ingen ønsker om reprise.

    ….og må jo bare si du tar så utrolig kule bilder. Alltid en fryd for øyet :D

    • BeautyCountry: Hadde en fantastisk russetid selv, men jo… tror jeg skal holde meg til livet som IKKE-russ. ;)

      Og takk !

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