A Mad Men cocktail party


I don’t smoke, but I believe in doing everything in character, and everyone smoked cigarettes in the 50s.

I always love a good theme party, and my absolute favorites are anything involving dressing up in vintage clothing and drinking martinis. For my roommates boyfriend’s birthday our apartment was turned into a 60s set, complete with canapés, martinis & whiskey, The Supremes and handsome guys in nice suits. Sometimes I wish we could all dress like this all the time. Everyone looks so sophisticated and nice.

IMG_8130 IMG_8141 IMG_8152  IMG_8179 IMG_8183  IMG_8203 IMG_8210 IMG_8214 IMG_8215 IMG_8217IMG_8199 IMG_8220 IMG_8221IMG_8160

Want to see more pictures? Here’s some from last year’s 60s themes party at Isabelle’s.


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