“Shopping like a tourist”


Joined all the Asians and went shopping at the big shopping mall Ala Moana today to find summer clothes (don’t have a lot of those, seeing as Norway has been quite cold the last couple of years). Went to Bubba Gump to play tourists and ate seafood in Forrest Gump surroundings. There are a lot of Asians here (Asians as in East-Asia; China, South-Korea, Japan, etc), and I sort of feel like a giant (or supermodel) walking around amongst these tiny porcelain dolls, but I’ll probably get used to it sooner or later. Walked past a cosplay gathering at the mall, and once again regretted the fact that I am not of Chinese/Japanese/++ decent. They are really too pretty.

Haven’t been wearing any make-up in 2 days, and it feels lovely (will however start doing it now, as I’ve finally bought myself some new mineral powder and mascara), but I tend to look a little bleak, like in the pictures above.

7 thoughts on ““Shopping like a tourist”

    • Shirley: it’s actually my mum’s, and it’s from Ralph Lauren!

      Sofie: indeed ;)

  • i was just going to say that i also loved this bag! good to know where is from.. and now we kind of get to know where ur taste for clothing comes from.
    a friend of mine is going to do a exchange semester -or year, i am not quite sure- ar your uni, in hawaii, i gave her your facebook account – eventhough i dont know u guys, i am pretty sure it can be interesting, meeting people its always nice…- paula is a lovely person, hopefully u guys can manage to meet up.. however, i wish u all the best in hawaii, its lovely to live by the ocean… and you look pretty refreshed i have to say. the sun its always something good to have. enjoy your time!!! and keep us up to date!

  • Så gøy å se bilder fra det nye stedet ditt :)
    Håper du kommer til å storkose deg, blir sikkert en fantastisk opplevelse!

    • Hilde: I do, I do. Kjipt å gå glipp av kolleksjonen din i butikk da, liker skjorten med hunder på veldig godt ! Lykke til :)

      Kristine: takk takk. Sees neste sommer i Kristiansand !

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