Let’s go sailing


Left Waikiki for a 3 hour trip on a catamaran yesterday. Tanning, snorkeling and margaritas while watching turtles swim lazily around in the sun. Beautiful. Didn’t get into the water because I’m still coughing blood and whatnot, but just watching the snorkeling tourists (and my companions for the day) was entertainment enough. People look weird when snorkeling. So funny.

Will have to be repeated.

Right now it’s time for Transformers and chicken wings.

3 thoughts on “Let’s go sailing

  • lovely pictures! this might be the difference in living in hawaii, once you are off you have always super beautiful weather and the beach… although i know that to live in an island does not mean u go to the beach.
    i hope you’re doing better.. get well soon in any case!
    have a lovely week!

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