Turkey, mashed potatoes and wollen socks


Last nights Christmas celebrations started with turkey, mashed sweet potatoes (from a recipe containing maple syrup), mushrooms & onions and cranberry sauce. And while I do love my Christmas cod (a tradition in our family), the turkey was all kinds of delicious. For the gift ceremony, lol, I put on the item in the first present I opened and suddenly it felt like Christmas. The first gift was from my grandmother, and it contained woolen socks. And while warm socks might not be what I use the most in Honolulu, it can get quite chilly here on the 34th floor when the door to the lanai is open.

How was your Christmas Eve?

5 thoughts on “Turkey, mashed potatoes and wollen socks

  • how nice! this hawaiian xmas you guys had, seems to have been very nice and cozy. lovely family u have lady!
    hope you all enjoyed the night and santa brought loads of presents!!!
    yay! have a nice day dear maren!

  • Turkey, mashed potatoes, woolen socks and homemade Starbucks gingerbread house with the family in Hawaii = Perfect Christmas!

    Hope you guys are catching the perfect wave and enjoying the heat, sun, each other, and AMERICA at it´s best! May the days go….SLOWLY.

    Thanks for sharing with us your wonderful photos and thoughts!

    Have a great New Years to all of you and give my love to your gorgeous Mother!!!!!

    Love, Katy

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