365 Days of a life


9:00 am: First breakfast of 2013.

A year (from Old English gear) is the orbital period of the Earth moving around the Sun. For an observer on the Earth, this corresponds to the period it takes the Sun to complete one course throughout the zodiac along the ecliptic. A year is a cycle in the Gregorian calendar of 365 or 366 days divided into 12 months beginning with January and ending with December.

This year I am going to document every single day by taking a  photograph. With my Canon, Holga, GoPro or iPhone by my side I will try to document the important (and all of the not-so important) parts of my life in 2013. I might learn a thing or two in the process (like the fact that I am terribly conceited), discover something new about the direction I’m heading in life and in the end I will – hopefully – have some really great and well-documented memories to look back on.

While I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, I do believe that the end – and beginning – of the year is a good time to reflect over the last year and figure out what parts and which people made you happy, and hang on to them. Keep your friends close, and your enemies stranded outside in the cold. Preferably in a different city. On the other side of the world. Got that one covered.