72 hours in Auckland, NZ


Back home in Seoul again. It’s raining outside, and I am confined to my bed with an irritating case of pharyngitis. I guess you can’t expect your body to stand by quietly as you travel between 3 different climate zones in less than two week, with over-night flights, general lack of sleep, a packed schedule and, on my flight out of New Zealand, a person coughing in my face no less than 4 times during the flight. That same flight also featured about half of the entries in Huffington Post’s latest travel article: 10 signs you’re the worst person on your flight.

However, disregarding the discomfort of not being able to breath properly, the last two weeks have been more than worth it!

New Zealand proved to be as magical as I wanted it to be, and I only got to see the area around Auckland. The next time I go there I’m going to have to rent a car and drive south to see the nature I’ve only got to admire in movies. Hopefully there’ll be time for a trip to NZ next year too!

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