Begin Again


It’s been a while since I’ve written about the books and movies that stand out, the ones I want to recommend to all of you. I guess most of them have been of the kind that I want to keep my little secrets. But today I saw a film that resonated with me in a way that I realized I have not experienced with a movie – or book for that matter – in a long while. Now, I don’t know how this movie has been marketed around the world (and I’m to lazy to google it), but here in Seoul it is one of two non-Korean movies currently available. The other one is Maze Runner, and the guys I were going to the cinema with had already seen that one, so we decided to watch Begin Again.

I don’t remember the last time I laughed, smiled and felt with the characters of a movie the way I did with this one. It might be that I came to this expecting nothing, or it might just be that the movie is brilliant. Staring Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightly (and Adam Levine) I was initially skeptical. I love Mark, but I’m not Keira’s biggest fan. In this film however, she is in her element and is quite simply brilliant.


I don’t want to say to much about the plot as I think it will ruin the viewing experience, but it revolves around a dead-beat producer and drunkard who discovers a new begining in a talented, but heart-broken and disheartened songwriter. Mark Ruffalo is old school cool and pathetic, Keira Knightly clever and cynical, and together they’re wonderful.

Before watching the movie we walked along the Cheonggyecheon River to look at the city life. Korea celebrated Gaecheonjeol today, or National Foundation Day as its called in English, and a lot of street artists were playing along the river. A nice parallel to the movie where most of the music is made and performed in the streets of New York.


Warning! This movie is labeled a romantic comedy, but it is more of a “Love Actually”-kind of romantic comedy. Which is the only kind of romantic comedy I can stomach.

Also, the soundtrack is pretty amazing.

Have you seen any brilliant movies, or read any amazing books lately that you’d like to recommend to me?

6 thoughts on “Begin Again

  • Prøv deg på Horns (Daniel Radcliffe og Juno Temple i hovedrollene) og How I Live Now (Saoirse Ronan i hovedrollen)! Har skikkelig film-binge-weekend på gang, og digget begge de to. Eller, jeg er midt i å se på Horns, men liker den hvertfall godt så langt. :D Og basert på våre tidligere film-binge-sessions så trooooor jeg de kan falle i smak for din del også! Med mindre du alt har sett dem, så klart, men Horns har ikke blitt sluppet kommersielt på kinoer enda og How I Live Now ble sluppet veeeeeldig smalt. Har heller ikke sett noe særlig skriverier i mediene om noen av dem.

    • Lest om Horns, men har ikke sett den enda (av naturlig årssaker). How I Live Now noteres. Hva med bøker? Lest noe fantastisk i det siste? Jeg ble akkurat ferdig med re-read av Wheel of Time nå, så trenger ny epic fantasy!

  • Både Horns og How I Live Now er også bøker, faktisk. :) På epic fantasy-fronten er vel egentlig alt av Brandon Sanderson å anbefale (rimelig sikker på at jeg har nevnt bøkene hans tidligere), Patrick Rothfuss er knallbra, og Brent Weeks er ganske moro (særlig Lightbringer-serien). Du kan forsåvidt også forsøke deg på Malazan-serien, men den krever HEFTIG innsats og tar en god stund å komme inn i.

    • Notert! Jeg tok en pause og leste Good Omens, og nå må jeg lese mer Neil Gaiman igjen. Potensielt kjøre re-read av Sandman.

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