Marita @ Amfi. Perfect festival look in my opinion.

Vampire Weekend @ Hovescenen. Made me jump-jump-jump up and down. Did that a lot all week.

Me & Kine @ Amfi. (Wearing dress from COS, shades from Local Firm and boots from Nilson)

ARCADE FIRE. I got touch Win’s hand (!!!!). Heh. They didn’t play my favorite song (My Body Is A Cage), which was a shame, but other than that I had the greatest time during this concert, dancing and singing along.

“This is a thigh”

Massive Attack. With songs like Teardrop, Angel and Inertia Creeps, I was sold. I really do LOVE that band even though you sometime feel like you’re on acid during the concerts. Hah. Martine Topley-Bird and Deborah Miller made magic, and I really can’t for the love of God understand why all the newspapers hated this concert.

But anyways, I’m back. Tired, and ready to sleep for about 24 hours or more. Hope you’ve been enjoying the week as much as I have. More updates when I have gotten a good nights sleep.


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