While we’re waiting: Palmesus 2014


Every summer for the past 3 years I’ve been covering festivals for Fædrelandsvennen. Two years as a blogger for Sørlandsstil, and last year as a writer, photographer and amateur videographer for KRSby. This year I will once again photograph and film my way through the social events of the summer for KRSby, and while I’m getting ready for this year’s festivities, I’ve been looking through the photos I took last summer.

Palmesus, in particular, is a show like no other. The self-proclaimed “largest beach party in Scandinavia”, inspired by such giants as Nikki Beach in Miami, St. Tropez, and Ibiza has managed to create something of a paradox on a tiny beach in the city of Kristiansand. Palmesus is still not Nikki Beach, but for two days every summer we get a beach party in Kristiansand unlike any other.

Last year saw artists like Steve Aoki, Icona Pop, and Jason Derulo, in addition to Norwegian favorites like Bernhoft and Gabrielle. And even though the rain showed up in full force on Saturday night, people were either too drunk or too stoked to stop partying as Fedde Le Grande ended his set around midnight.

Here are some photos from the beach party:


The first day as captured on a shake handheld camera by yours truly:

Are you a festival person?

2 thoughts on “While we’re waiting: Palmesus 2014

  • This has inspired me so much! I booked Outlook in Croatia for this Summer just last night and I can’t wait to go. You could write a post about your tips for “surviving” festivals, it’d be so interesting and useful! x

    • Haha, sure! Wet wipes, sunscreen lotion, a cooler, dry snacks and plenty of water are my absolute “musts”. But I’ll put together a list of what to pack, where to live and how to get through a week of awesomeness. Had to Google Outlook, and it looks pretty amazing!

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