Hove 2013


This summer I’ve been covering festivals for Fædrelandsvennen. These are some of my photos from the sun, dance, Converse and mud that is all found at the Hovefestival in Arendal. Put on some Macklemore, or Lumineers and enjoy!

Hovefestivalen-Dag-1-11Hovefestivalen-Dag-1-17 Hovefestivalen-Dag-1-12 Hovefestivalen-Dag-1-13 Hovefestivalen-Dag-1-16Hovefestivalen-Dag-1-20 Hovefestivalen-Dag-1-22 Hovefestivalen-Dag-1-25 Hovefestivalen-Dag-1-32 Hovefestivalen-Dag-1-34 Hovefestivalen-Dag-1-kveld-1-2 Hovefestivalen-Dag-1-kveld-4-1 Hovefestivalen-Dag-1-kveld-4 Hovefestivalen-Dag-1-kveld-16 Hovefestivalen-Dag-1-kveld-21 Hovefestivalen-Dag-1-kveld-22 Hovefestivalen-Stemning-1 Hovefestivalen-Stemning-7Hovefestivalen-Sorlandsstil-4 Hovefestivalen-Stemning-11 Hovefestivalen-Stemning-12 Hovefestivalen-Stemning-16 Hovefestivalen-Stemning-17 Hovefestivalen-Stemning-22 Hovefestivalen-Stemning-23 Hovefestivalen-Stemning-25 Jonas-Alaska-og-Billy-Van-1 Volbeat-Maren Bjorgum-8


3 thoughts on “Hove 2013

  • I adore the way you take your pictures! which camera do you use? and I totally like the fact I’m not able to read a word Norwegian ’cause I’m not from Norway. Anyway, you’re blog is awesome!

  • you´re back! Good news – and it is all open content & in English! We need to toast! the blog is indeed verz nice, the fonts, the size of the images – and all adventures you´ve been showing us through your lens… yay! – Wanderlust is back!

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