monkey see monkey do

I rarely get really drunk, I am usually the person that needs to watch over everyone else (whenever I feel like doing that in any case) and I do not really care that much for drunk people. But yesterday I was the result of pain killers + alcohol, and I while I should have learnt this years ago, that did not turn out to be the best idea I ever had. Lesson learned.

But yesterday was fun regardless of my poor judgement. Loads of friends and friends of friends, free drinks, beautiful people and performances by the glamorous Miss Harmonica and the ever-so-cool Adam Tensta. Danced the night away at Fisk&Vilt with Maja, Marita, Kjetil, Henrik and the rest of Oslo, imitating cat women and whatnot.

Today I am going to bake cakes with some other bloggers, hopefully I won’t set fire to anything….


7 thoughts on “monkey see monkey do

  • everyone has a first hangover at least once in their lives…that doesnt make us stupid, it makes us human.
    what are you taking painkillers for? were you in an accident? I know its none of my business, but after more than a year reading you every day, I guess I can get to worry about you :P
    Kisses, hope you have a fun day!

    • Alicia: Not my first hangover (not a hangover at all actually, just plain drunkenness yesterday, I am blessed with the “no hangover”-genes). I have been sick for over a week, so I am trying to suppress the fever and head aches. ;)

  • Haha uff! Håper alt er bra med deg nå ihvertfall : ) Herregud hva SKJEDDE med damen bak oss??? Hahaha lo meg ihjel. Takk i like så skjønning!

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