Beautiful Lie


Life asked Death: “Why do people love me but hate you?”
Death replied: “Because you are a beautiful lie and I’m a painful truth.”

zurich zurich2 zurich3

photos_in zurich last summer

5 thoughts on “Beautiful Lie

  • ih, du er så søt og det er så spennende å komme innom her og se hva du driver med på den andre siden av jorda. Håper du koser deg masse!!

  • I love zürich! I was looking the pictures from the link u sent In the lastima ost, gorgeous jóias. I wish i had tha lady’s money… Then i could also have more houses… And a private Jet. I would be already happy with a couple of bungalows and economic tickets… Hope you’re ok, you have disappeared. We misa your posts!

  • Pia: skal mer enn litt influensa for å ta knekken på meg.
    Katrine: storkoser meg, håper du har det bra også ! :D
    Maud Helene: tusen takk ;)
    Paula: I’m back, flu and school took precedence there for a while, but I’m back in the game now !

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