Cherry blossoms in Yeouido Park

cherry blossoms yeouido island seoul south korea

Happy birthday to me! This Saturday I celebrated my 26th year on this earth, with cake decorating, tequila and loads of new and some old friends at a bar in the neighborhood. This was followed by a resolution to never drink alcohol ever again (ever!) and a very-very-very heavy Sunday filled with too much moving around and too little lying in bed. Thus, when I woke up on Monday morning I was ready to breath some fresh air and feel alive again, and this was perfectly timed by the fact that the cherry blossoms decided to break out in full bloom this weekend.

Madeleine (who’s timing for visiting Seoul could not have been more perfect) and I headed over to Yeouido Island to rent bikes and compete in “Most cherry blossom trees photographed in two hours”. The result can be seen in the following post, dedicated to the beauty of Spring (and my birthday).

Seeing as they arrived the day before my birthday, I’ve decided that cherry blossoms are now officially my birth-flower. Like birthstone, but in flower form. If it’s not a thing, I am making it into a thing.

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Are you visiting Seoul during the spring/summer/fall season? Spend a morning biking along the Han river and around Yeouido Island. I’ve had this recommended to me several times, and can now attest to the fact that it is a lovely way to start the day.

You’ll find two bike rental places along the river in the area by Yeouinaru Station (exit 2 or 3). The price is 3000 KRW/bike for an hour.


6 thoughts on “Cherry blossoms in Yeouido Park

  • It is the best (really the best) age ever!!! I loved the time when I was 26 and 27! It is a perfect age as you feel mature enough (since you are not in your early 20s and your mentality has already changed into a different one) as well as young enough (still four years to hit 30 which is btw actually not that bad).

    Enjoy your new age and make it unforgettable :)

    • Hoping your words turn out to be the truth for me as well! I view getting older with this combination of feeling terrified and content. Content because on the inside I don’t relate to my current age all that well anyways, terrified because society tells me that there are certain things I should have checked off my list fairly soon (like finishing up my education). Keeping it all at bay and enjoying the moment for now!

  • Ah a big (belated) Happy Birthday to you! We share an age and an unwavering love of exploring this planet of ours! Just discovered your blog and I love love love it. The photography is just stunning. I look forward to reading more about your travels!


    • Thank you, Gabby! And agreed, there’s no better way to spend life than meeting new people and new places! ^^

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