Midterms & other drugs


Midterms are upon us here in Korea, and I’ve spent the past three days soaking up as much Korean vocabulary as I can for my Korean language midterm tomorrow. To make life more enjoyable I’ve been going on coffee shop adventures, trying to find new workspace for caffein consumption in Seoul’s latest hipster area Mangwon. So far I’ve discovered two new favorites: Beliefcoffee Roasters, and Coffee Conhas. The latter one has the cutest labrador guarding the place, and if you behave really nice she’ll let you scratch her behind her ear.

Btw, read my (updated) Seoul coffee shop guide here. =D

This weekend I’m going to Taipei to celebrate, eat food and explore a new city. I’ve been building pinterest boards, searching instagram-hashtags and stalking Taipei-bloggers to get the scoop on the city, but I’ve still got room for more recommendations. So, ever been to Taipei or Taiwan in general? Any must-see’s, do’s or eat’s?