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While I am waiting (impatiently I might add) for Season 2 of my number one tv-series addiction the last months; Game of Thrones, I have spent the last week burying myself in the second book in the series, called Clash Of Kings. This series is unlike any other I have come over in the fantasy genre so far, simply by it’s extensive knowledge and detail regarding the political and personal schemes of a court and country at war. It is brutal, perverse, beautiful, honest and funny, and to some extent (though very delicately) it mocks other books of it’s genre.

George R. R. Martin manage to create a world that feels, tastes and sounds real to the reader, and you never really doubt the authenticity of the story, even though it has magical elements represented by dragons and sorcery (though even here few believe in them). The narrative is divided between several of the main characters, not unlike most epic fantasy novels, but for once there’s not one of these narratives I want to skip. Usually there’s always one narrator that tells a story you’re just not interested in listening to, at least I am not, but in this series I have not come across that type of narrator at all.

I have got about 50 pages left, so I am going to finish those now if you don’t mind. Tyrion Lannister makes the books worth every penny by the way, I have never met a funnier dwarf ever. Nothing beats good old dry humor.

Have you read the books, and/or have you watched the TV-series?

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  • Tyrioooon! <3 Og du HAR så mye å glede deg til i bok 3 og 4! Ting blir bare mer og mer spennende, og jeg gleder meg som en unge til å få klørne mine i bok 5. :D

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