Tian Tan Buddha


33 hours have passed since I landed in Hong Kong yesterday. I’ve already managed to consume delicious food, seen my hair turn into a frizzy mess in the humidity and burst my budget. Business as usual in other words. After a trip by the Korean embassy for some paperwork this morning, we took the Tung Chung line to Lantau Island and hopped into a cable car to see the famous Big Buddha, or Tian Tan Buddha. The 34 meter tall structure sits on a hillside above a tourist village of souvenir shops and Starbucks-es, but is quietly serene in the face of it all.

The statute and the surrounding structures and buildings were quite stunning, and Lantau Island is a perfect hiking destination if I ever saw one. No hiking for me today though.

It’s currently 1:40AM here in Hong Kong, way past bedtime in other words, so I’ll leave you with some photos from my wanderings so far. Hope you’ve all had a great week!


A cable car took us across the island to a tourist village below the statue.

buddha-150224-2The more physically fit could opt for a hiking route that took you through the forest and over the hills. I’m betting this is at least a half day worth of walking, if not a full day.

buddha-150224-6After 20 minutes on the cable car we finally saw the statue in the distance.


And then suddenly up close and personal.

buddha-150224-11The light was so bright that I had trouble keeping my eyes open. This is a chronic infliction for my part, especially when cameras are nearby.


Ice cream-break!


Statues offering gifts to Buddha.


On the opposite side of the Buddha lay a temple ground where people lounged around, lit incense sticks and prayed.


Praying for luck to befall their families.


There were several dogs running around the compound.

buddha-150224-21 buddha-150224-24

You could still see decorations left all around town from last weeks Chinese New Year-celebrations.


Another dog!


I’ve still got 4 more days in Hong Kong, do you have any tips for things I should do, and places I should eat/drink/visit?

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