Rwenzori Mountains: Day 4: Bujuku to Elena Hut (4,541 m asl)

Hey friends! It’s time for more photos from #Rwenzori2022 (scroll down to the bottom to find the other posts). 🤩

On day 4 of 7, you set off from Bujuku Hut (3,977 m) and make the 560-meter climb to Elena Hut (4,541 m) in the course of less than 5 km. This is a big climbing day!

Day 4 is the shortest day, but it’s often the first day people start to feel the altitude. The guides will start you off late to minimize the time you spend in higher altitudes. We spent the extra time in the morning testing our crampons for the next day’s glacier crossings!

After some morning rain showers, we set off across the bog towards the trail that would take us to Elena hut.

I’ve mentioned jumping from tussock to tussock a couple of times in these threads. In case you wonder what that looks like, here you go:

As you might have realized by now, this was a trip of many photo stops. Day 4 was no different. Here’s the super duo and one of many bromances from this trip: Robert Kabushenga & Sebastian!

Margherita Peak peeked out from the clouds as we made our way up the vertical bog (yes, it can also be vertical):

Luckily, the views gave us many reasons to take breaks: Here is Robert Kabushenga looking at things. Incidentally also the name of an Instagram account I’ve been considering starting up. 🤔

When all you do is climb up vertical bogs and mud, you get really really really excited when you find ladders in the middle of the woods. So, naturally, we took more photos.

Snack break! Here with the wonderful June, whom I didn’t take nearly enough photos of on this trip. June is tough as nails (and has good taste in music) 🤝

Pastor Dero is a first-time mountain slayer and the person who made sure we started each day in the right mindset.

As we continued climbing, the terrain got more rugged and more beautiful. The mud was relentless, but the views kept us occupied. Whenever we stopped for breaks, Robert kept us entertained, with stories from life and his wisdom as a newfound mountain philosopher.

To repeat a popular hiking quote: “The best views come after the hardest climb.”

Isaiah taking in the views of Lake Bujuku in the front, with the tail-end of Bukurungu trail in the horizon. 🤩🏔️ These are the views we hike for!

We finally skirted the top of the hill and made our way onto the rocky patches that mark the final stretch to Elena Hut. This is incidentally when my camera battery died that day. So the next few photos are from my phone:

If you’re unlucky, rain will make these rocks slippery and nasty. Luckily for us, we got a dry climb despite the morning showers. This is where TMS Ruge and I decided to shoot a small movie. You can see the result on his profile, and the movie poster below!

… and then we finally reached the famous and infamous Elena Hut. 4,541 above sea level, crowned by majestic peaks, freezing cold. Hated and loved equally. More on Elena tomorrow (and summit day)!

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